Parametric design of steel structures

Parametric design of steel structures

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27. Oktober - 15. Dezember 2021
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Parametric design is a process in which a draft can be generated based on data or relations between parts. In a relatively simple way, numerous variants can be considered. This creates a better insight into the possibilities within a design, which results in a better final concept.
During the course you will learn to make parametric models using Grasshopper. The course is tailor made for steel construction and is spread over five days.
The course includes a drawing and a computation module. The first three afternoons are focused on parametric modelling of geometry. The course deals with how to properly set up a clear parametric model. This way of modeling forms the basis for the parametric computation models. Course afternoon 4 and 5 are dedicated to parametric engineering. In this part of the course participants will learn how to set up a parametric finite element model and consecutively how to optimize a steel structure.
After attending the course, participants will be able to draw and calculate a parametric steel hall.
By alternating explanations with short assignments, the knowledge of the participant is gradually expanded during the course. In addition, the full course also includes three homework assignments of about 4 hours. These homework assignments will be discussed during the next course day, see schedule below.
The number of participants is limited to 8. Course language: English
This course is delivered online on the following dates:
27th October 2021: pre-session to test the software and communications
3th, 10th, 24th November 2021, 15-17 h: Module 1 – Grasshopper (including: Speckle, plug-in Tekla)
1th & 15th December 2021, 15-17 h: Module 2 – Parametric computation, Karamba3D (including: Colibri, KarambaIDEA)
Giancarlo Casutt, MSc ETH Bauingenieur, ZPF Consulting AG, Zürich
The study material consists of a PDF reader with explanation and exercises.
During the course the participants will work on making their own parametric models. For this it is necessary that each participant has a laptop with a company version of Rhino or a trial version that works 90 days. Next to the laptop a second monitor is necessary.